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#Roman #Catholic #False #doctrines

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Catholic doctrine contradicts the Bible!!!

Historical note: Roman Catholics borrowed the idea of praying with beads from ….. but we Catholic priests cannot teach all our false doctrines that contradict the  …

Massive list of Roman Catholic False doctrines

Transubstantiation (real presence) is a false doctrine. Transubstantiation is a false doctrine because Jesus is not a liar: In Mt 26:29 after Jesus had said, “this is …

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A List Of False Teachings in Roman Catholic Church – The …

The Protestant Reformation happened for a reason. Basically, it was to combat the many false teachings that the Roman Catholic Church had adopted through …


And doctrine to be true must conform to the Word of God.OF ALL THE HUMAN TRADITIONS taught and practiced by the Roman Catholic Church, which are …. that in the later times “false teachers” would rise within the Church and bring in  …

Catholic Church False Doctrines – End Times Prophecy

On this page we will expose some of the many false doctrines and teaching of theRoman Catholic Church.

7 False Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church – YouTube

28 Oct 2014 – Uploaded by Jesus Truth

The Roman Catholic church is a religion based on man-made traditions, not God-made ones. Seek the truth …

Is Catholicism a false religion? Are Catholics saved?

The Roman Catholic Church teaches many doctrines that are in disagreement with what the Bible declares. These include apostolic succession, worship of  …

Truth About Roman Catholicism

The Truth About the Roman Catholic Church is that it always has been and continues to be a false church. Those Biblical doctrines it professes to believe and  …

Corruptions of Christianity: Catholicism

The Roman Catholic Church, from which all Catholicism spreads, has been, for 1700 years, teaching a false gospel that is not of Christ, and though this is very  …

Roman Catholicism: A Damning and False Religion | How to ……

Jesus said that we will recognise false teachers by their fruit. Here are some of the ‘fruits’ of Catholicism, so judge for yourself: The Roman Catholic Church has  …

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  2. 阿凡達
    November 23, 2013

    Dear Sirs,I noticed your blogs named “Roman Catholic False doctrines | Christian Spook” like every week. Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

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    • spookchristian
      November 24, 2013

      I checked out your website, and thank you for commenting on my posting,
      I just look for articles on the internet, that are relevant, and post them. I hope you will visit my blog again soon.
      Thank you.

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