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AV_1611 Bible Only. Exposing The Whore of Babylon. Revelation 17 KJV

Sentient Christian

This website is dedicated to exposing the false teaching of religious groups,purporting to be Christian.

I have materials published on here, regarding Roman Catholicism,Opus Dei,Jehovah’s witnesses, the Vatican,Chrislam etc…please feel free to submit any materials or links to my website page thank You.

I will be updating my blog on most daysexcept Sunday.
I hope that you will reblog the articles that I have posted or comment on them ??

More about me.

KJV-Bible believing.

KJV Only
Born again.
Protestant,as a consequence of my understanding of Gods Word.
Excuse caps,but

KING JAMES BIBLE ONLY !!….Only saying….

Gods’ Word is the final arbiter of all things !!

Jesus Christ is God and the ONLY way to the Father.


Favourite authors.

God ( of course ) KJV
Watchman Nee
Dave Hunt
Alexander Hislop….The Two Babylons.

Jesus Christ.

Bryan Denlinger

Eric Jon Phelps
Mike Hoggard

Lordson Roch
Pastor Charles Lawson,Knoxville Tennessee.
Dave Hunt.



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