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The #Jesuit orders next #Genocide on their list !! #Vatican #Catholic





Why USA Gov’t hates Syria.
Not the ordinary citizens of course.

It’s obvious that the filth that are really in charge of the USA are wanting to get Syria into debt and its population dumbed down. The USA is obviously wanting to open up a  Can of Democracy & Rothschild Bank in Syria, by way of Bombs and a Siege that will kill another 500,000 Babies & Children. Madelein Albright  will not have a problem with it & anyway, it is the #American citizen that will take all the blame and pay for it with their hard-earned wages in taxes.

Madelein Albright  is also #JesuitTrained.

All the links in blue above are different but are listed below also.


3 comments on “The #Jesuit orders next #Genocide on their list !! #Vatican #Catholic

  1. futuret
    April 10, 2017
    • Sentient Christian
      April 10, 2017

      Doesn’t Rothschild want to get his disgusting little Bank into Syria also futuret?
      I love the little piggy pic too.
      Thanks for the link.


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