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Debate Rules | Email from Cambridge Univesity


I did actually try to set up a debate with a person falsely claiming to be a Christian & Catholic.

Whilst I realised that I have broken all of the rules in the past {in the image below}, I have been learning/studying various things since then.

This has caused me to realise what rules of debate he had broken also, though I found it a tad difficult to put it into words.~ Rule 8 ~

+ see PDF above.


The person in the Email below is, I assume a  ‘ Cambridge Graduate ‘

so I think his information/statement is sound.



Re- Debating Rules- - - Gmail.clipular


4 comments on “Debate Rules | Email from Cambridge Univesity

  1. faithful7blog
    March 15, 2017

    Best way to debate especially with Catholics is to pray, each person although Catholic has a different heart…meaning some will except the true Gospel and some will reject it…I always pray for their souls ask for their hearts and minds to be open to the Truth then ask the Holy Spirit to take over…of course knowing the immense errors they believe is essential, and although it is hard at times speaking the truth in love is important….although tough love such as quoting verses in Matthew 23 is sometimes where the Spirit leads after a long debate (discussion) I am learning as I go (when commenting on their videos) I have been called many names….heritic is a common one, stupid, half baked brains, satan, lucifer, the devil lol to those I quote John 8:49 or the like….I love engaging with Catholics….as you know Catholicism is satan’s master deception I have many relatives who are Catholic most of them don’t even know the atrocious history of their church and when mentioning the pandemic of child sexual abuse to my sis in law (a catholic)said Oh those people just want money! Catholics are so blind, brainwashed their culture is Catholic, no diff from growing up Muslim everyone they know is Catholic and everything they do is catholic (knights of Columbus etc…) But there is good news…the Catholic Church is imploding there is much schism within the ranks….~ Edited by me as I don’t allow postings/suggestions to Catholic websites on my Blog~ Catholics and they are choked at Liberal pope Francis well thanks friend I have reaped some good catholic info from your website God bless I hope this info I shared will be a blessing to you!

    On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 5:45 AM Sentient Christian wrote:

    > Sentient Christian posted: “debate.pdf” >

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    • Sentient Christian
      March 15, 2017

      I understand what you are saying, and of course, the only person who can bring a person to Christ or point the way is The Holy Spirit.
      I couldn’t agree more.

      I shall try to pray more for Catholics that their eyes maybe opened to the truth.
      The person I was supposed to be debating with is or thinks that he is some sort of ‘ intellectual ‘ and of course is at University. So, it is awkward talking to him & perhaps I am making the mistake of learning the enemies techniques~ sort of~ though I do not view him as an enemy at all.

      In conversation with Catholics, I have noticed that they are quite full of trickery,
      especially in ‘ Argumentation ‘.

      At first when I started this Blog, they used to just pick up on ‘ Spelling Mistakes ‘ & Grammar etc, and now recently, they are using other techniques to undermine any points that are made.

      It’s quite funny really.

      I’m glad that you found something of use on my Blog and hope that if you find anything dodgy you would let me know?
      Please feel free to email me


    • Sentient Christian
      March 15, 2017

      Are Catholics leaving the RCC in droves?
      If so, that’s good news.
      checking out those websites you mentioned.
      Vortex and The Remnant e.t.c..


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