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#Protestant :: ALL OF THE #Apostle’s WERE #Protestant !!! ? AS ARE ALL #GENUINE #Christian’s

Definition of Protestant in English


Pronunciation: /ˈprɒtɪst(ə)nt/
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  • a member or follower of any of the Western Christian Churches that are separate from the Roman Catholic Church in accordance with the principles of the Reformation, including the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran Churches.

Protestants are so called after the declaration (protestatio) of Martin Luther and his supporters dissenting from the decision of the Diet of Spires (1529), which reaffirmed the edict of the Diet of Worms against the Reformation. All Protestants reject the authority of the papacy, both religious and political, and find authority in the text of the Bible, made available to all in vernacular translation


  • relating to or belonging to any of the Protestant Churches:the Protestant religionthe family were staunchly Protestant



(also Protestantisation) noun


(also Protestantise) verb


mid 16th century: via German or French from Latin protestant-‘protesting’, from Latin protestari (see protest)



noun ˈprä-təs-tənt, 2 is also prə-ˈtes-

Definition of PROTESTANT


a : any of a group of German princes and cities presenting a defense of freedom of conscience against an edict of the Diet of Spires in 1529 intended to suppress the Lutheran movement

b : a member of any of several church denominations denying the universal authority of the Pope and affirming the Reformation principles of justification by faith alone, the priesthood of all believers, and the primacy of the Bible as the only source of revealed truth; broadly : a Christian not of a Catholic or Eastern church

: one who makes or enters a protest
Prot·es·tant·ism noun

external.jpg See protestant defined for kids »


Middle French, from Latin protestant-, protestans, present participle of protestari

First Known Use: 1539

Other Christian Religious Terms

Pentateuch, blasphemy, curate, doxology, eremite,iconoclasm, liturgy, orison, pneuma, reliquary



Definition of PROTESTANT

capitalized : of or relating to Protestants, their churches, or their religion

: making or sounding a protest <the two protestant ladies up and marched out — Time>


19 comments on “#Protestant :: ALL OF THE #Apostle’s WERE #Protestant !!! ? AS ARE ALL #GENUINE #Christian’s

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  10. narrowestpath
    October 9, 2013

    Reblogged this on TheNarrowPath and commented:
    hes probably right..
    makes sense to me.


  11. spookchristian
    October 9, 2013

    im having same problem..


  12. spookchristian
    October 9, 2013

    im not against them,, as much as stupidity of their logic…
    for people that believe there is no God,,,,they definitely talk about him a lot, and have invented allsorts of T-shirts and badges out of it..
    Its just laughable, that they have in efffect become a religion..
    I told one fella the evidence for God is everywhere…u just gotta look at nature, even your own body properly to realise it…

    Oh well..I will probably wind them up again tomorrow..
    If I believed that someone did not exist..I would never even mention them…..


    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      mebbe right..
      but theres a lot of nutty people within christianity..too

      they will argue the back legs off a donkey about God…
      its daft to talk about someone that doesnt exist..if you actually believe that..

      I think that they dont want to be held responsible / accountable to God, etc..
      they just cant handle the idea
      of god being the BIG BOSS ..!!

      Fact is..God is in charge, whether we like it or not…heaven is his home as it were…and if you want to enter someones home…
      you have to obey their pre-conditions…

      I suppose it can also be pretty scary for some people to believe that there is a god in heaven….or
      perhaps theyre angry because they see a lot of evil in the world…and etc etc…
      ive heard most of the arguments before…



    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      mainly so that i can honestly say that i belong to no denomination..when witnessing / annoying catholics /muslims / JW’s etc..less Ammo for them you see.


    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      are you in USA ??


    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      oh right..
      that guy in the photo with grey hair..its obvious hes not piusXII.
      who is he then ?


    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      message from an atheist to me..

      infiniteimprobabilit 56m
      Arrgh! I followed that link. So you (Spook) have your own site, just marginally more coherent than Timecube.

      Still, I found it rather pathetically touching that you (a raving Protestant) and your chief and only correspondent, a Catholic (or possibly a troll), could agree on one thing – you both hate atheists. How sweet.


  13. spookchristian
    October 9, 2013

    im not so sure of that..
    you catholics cant seem to agree amongst each other whats right etc…
    same with other denominations too generally,, but over different issues..

    your jesuit so called pope is making an bit of an ass of himself too i think..
    If obama likes him, theres definitely something dodgy going


    • spookchristian
      October 9, 2013

      im not worried about what the so called pope does…
      hes a jesuit…

      whether he is sat down or stood up…
      I will never accept his so called authority..

      We do not agree on doctrine.


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