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The Fourth Person from Connecticut Died Due to Tick-Borne Disease

A fourth Connecticut citizen has got the rare tick-borne Powassan encephalitis disease, generally known as the Powassan virus.

The affected person, who was not recognized, is from Ridgefield, based on various local media outlets. Their situation is at the moment unclear. The Connecticut Department of Health recently updated the number of reported cases to four, on their website.

Different cases have been reported in New Canaan, New Preston, and Newton states the news.

Powassan virus which “belongs to a group of viruses that can trigger the infection of the brain (encephalitis) or the membranes across the brain and spinal cord (meningitis), based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is usually spread to people after a contaminated woodchuck or deer tick bite them. The federal agency stated those who live or work close to brushy or woody areas typically tend to be exposed to infected ticks.

Those infected with the virus commonly experience fever, headache, vomiting, weakness, confusion, seizures, and memory loss.

Patients usually need support breathing and treatment for swelling across the brain; however, there isn’t any medicine to treat the virus; neither is there a vaccine to prevent it. About 10 % of cases lead to death, the CDC says.

Powassan tick-borne virus is rare, with an average of seven cases reported every year in the U.S. Most cases of the infection, which was first found in Powassan, Ontario, in 1958, have occurred within the northeast and Great Lakes areas of the U.S.

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