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Scientist Discovered a New Medical Treatment for Patients with Leukaemia

Viagra, the tablet best recognized for correcting erectile dysfunction and initially supposed to curb heart disease, might soon allow more comfortable medical treatment for patients with leukemia and other cancers, based on a report by the news.

Sildenafil, marketed as Viagra, was developed to treat a type of high blood pressure between the heart and the lungs, and researchers have since discovered a way to make use of it to make extracting stem cells from bone barrow an excruciating process that presently includes drilling into the hip bone much less painful, based on the report.

Combining Sildenafil with the stem cell-mobilizing drug Plerixafor pulled stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. Researchers have been able to extract cells from mice within two hours of injection in the research, directed by the University of California Santa Cruz research specialist Stephanie Smith-Berdan.

“The rationale was to test whether identified and approved vascular drugs might be repurposed to coax” cells into the bloodstream, and “this turned out to be right,” stated Camilla Forsberg, professor of biomolecular engineering on the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a senior researcher concerned with the research.

While Smith-Berdan and Forsberg work in pre-clinical research science and can’t test the new cocktail in people, the prospect of faster and less painful stem cell extraction will possibly increase volunteers if the clinical trials prove successful, based on the news.

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