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New Strategy for Cleaning the Atmosphere

The window for climate motion is closing before our very eyes, and as emissions continue to rise, researchers at Stanford are asking us to contemplate the lesser of two evils.

In a brand new commentary, the authors suggest a wild thought that may deliberately launch extra carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment, whereas eliminating a good worse greenhouse fuel – methane.

Methane is the second most dominant greenhouse fuel, and whereas barely much less prolific than CO2, it’s 84 occasions stronger. Changing this agricultural and industrial byproduct into extra CO2 is subsequently not as loopy as it would sound at first.

In fact, swapping these two gases would require industrial methane removing in addition to environment friendly conversion expertise, neither of which at present exist.

If each these hurdles can someway be cleared, nonetheless, the authors suppose their concept may take away three.2 billion tons of methane from the ambiance, restoring concentrations to pre-industrial ranges and reducing global warming by 15 percent.

“I am enthusiastic about this undertaking as a result of we’ve an opportunity to revive the environment to the way in which it was once and provides folks a cause to hope for the long run,” says lead writer Rob Jackson, in a latest video on the analysis.

The answer wouldn’t exist by itself, however would as an alternative be part of a bigger, extra concerted effort to cut back greenhouse fuel emissions within the first place. Nonetheless, as soon as the air pollution is already up there and out of our fingers, eradicating a few of the worst offenders could possibly be extraordinarily useful.

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