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New PlayStation 4 Update Featured by Sony

Sony has introduced its latest Playstation 4 update, and as it teased earlier, it contains an improved function. Now the user can double up the number of individuals to 16 from 8, making playing sessions more of an effective party. On top of that, Sony has improved the feature’s network connectivity and audio quality, while increasing accessibility with a brand new chat transcription feature. The latter converts all the user’s Party chats to text, whereas a robot could speak text on the PS4 Second Screen app.

Another massive feature on the PS4 system update 7.0 is Remote Play on all smartphones and tablets running on Android version 5.0 or higher, and not just Sony Xperia devices. This means the feature is now on all major platforms, as iPhone and iPad devices received it earlier this year. Remote Play has additionally been updated for iOS devices, “so now the user can display the controller at all times and lock the screen orientation,” stated Sony in its blog post.

Moreover, gamers can now use Dualshock 4 wireless controllers over Bluetooth on Android, iOS, and Mac via new updates in Android 10, iOS 13, iPad 13, and macOS Catalina coming later this month, Sony noted. The update is arriving all over the world this week.

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