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Mark Zuckerberg Live Streams On Facebook to Employee Q&A

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg live-streamed an internal Q&A with workers to the public, on Thursday.

From his Facebook account, Zuckerberg webcast the Q&A just a day after The Verge published copies and audio clips of Zuckerberg speaking to his employees at two town hall meetings in July. Within the leaked remarks, Zuckerberg informed workers he was able to “go to the mat” and fight for the Facebook company if Sen. Elizabeth Warren becomes President and tries to break up the social media giant.

In Thursday’s event, The Facebook chief addressed the leak, admitting that he might have spoken slightly more stridently than in public.

“Perhaps I mentioned it in a little bit more unfiltered of a method than I’d externally; however, basically…we consider everything that we said that was in there,” he stated.

Asked about how the company would remain equal given his remarks concerning the Democratic presidential hopeful, Zuckerberg answered, “Let’s try not to offend her further.” The comment elicited laughter from the viewers.

In a more severe tone, Zuckerberg noted his remarks were aimed at specific policy proposals, not the upcoming election. “Even when people disagree with what I believe…I still need to give them a voice,” he informed workers.

As with the leaked records, the content of the live stream was less remarkable than the company’s determination to make it public. Zuckerberg stated that live streaming the Q&A session was an experiment, quipping that he did such a bad job in interviews that “what do we’ve to lose?” He addressed a host of topics, varying from encryption to child exploitation, through the roughly hour-long Q&A.

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