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Hot Fish Cake Caused a British Man to Death

A 51-year-old man died after he ate a fish cake so hot that burned his throat, causing swelling to his airways that finally impeded his breathing.

The pain from the burn from hot cake led Hickey to seek medical attention on the Urgent Care Ward in Chorley Hospital. Medical professionals sent him home with acetaminophen and informed him to return if the pain worsened. Hickey then went back home for rest.

That evening, Parkinson, claims he heard Hickey making noises and rushed upstairs. He found Hickey, choking.

Parkinson mentioned that He was stood up choking and coughing, so he banged his back; however, then he slid forward onto the floor, based on news. Hickey was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital by ambulance, where he was pronounced dead just after midnight that evening. His death came roughly 12 hours after he’d sampled the cake.

The recent inquest into the man’s death heard by Bolton Coroners’ Court ruled that the burns to his throat caused extreme pain and swelling. The swelling to his airways finally made it impossible for him to breathe and swallow.

Dr. Patrick Waugh, a pathologist who carried out Hickey’s post-mortem, mentioned the burns were far enough down within the man’s throat that they might not have been seen without specialized equipment.

Hickey’s reason for death was ruled asphyxiation.

Acting Senior Coroner Alan Walsh called the wedding planner’s death an “immense tragedy.”

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