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Building Up The Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest room scale standalone headset launched this week. In a Facebook post, Fb’s CTO Mike Schroepfer revealed that the corporate initially had “vigorous debates” about whether or not the product would even be doable:

Schroepfer reviews on to Mark Zuckerberg. Even Fb’s VP of VR/AR, Andrew Bosworth, studies to Schroepfer, not Zuckerberg instantly.

This quote hints on the lengthy improvement cycle of Quest, a product that was in growth for years, hinging on breakthrough applied sciences that didn’t exist when it was conceived:

Oculus Quest has been within the making for over three years now, however a product prefer it has been the overall purpose of Oculus for for much longer.

In a video interview with Kotaku in 2012 (earlier than even formally becoming a member of Oculus) now CTO John Carmack described a headset that will use “cell phone hardware” and cameras for positional monitoring, with no wires. In a 2013 interview with Endaget, now at Oculus, Carmack even described this superb headset as working a model of Android.

When the Rift and Contact hardware had been finalized in 2015, Oculus started an formidable venture. The objective was to deliver the identical Rift+Contact expertise, minus some graphical constancy, to a very standalone headset. The undertaking would come to be referred to as Undertaking Santa Cruz. As Schroepfer said this week and as Sean Liu stated at Oculus Connect 4, many at Fb thought it was inconceivable.


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